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Carmonti Inaugurates New Infrastructures and Aims at the International Market

Carmonti, a meat transformation company that operates in Montijo, has inaugurated its new infrastructures yesterday, six months after a fire had destroyed the plant almost completely.

“We were facing a situation we thought could not be solved. In these six months, we were able to rebuild the plant, begin operation and, as promised, keep all our employees”, remembered Sónia Ferreira, the company administrator. Carmonti, she said, is already expanding the plant by building new complex that will allow to create more 100 jobs, as predicted before the fire. “With this growth, we intend to enter new international markets, such as the Angolan market”, stresses Sónia Ferreira aiming at a near future.

The ceremony, which included a visit to the facilities where operation has already started, was attended by the Mayor, Nuno Canta, and councilmen Francisco Santos, Carlos Jorge Almeida, Ana Baliza, and Pedro Vieira, as well as the (substitute) Chief Firemen of the Firefighters of Montijo, Américo Moreira.

Source: Diário da Região

The Future Starts Now

Tragedy was averted. By all. Company and employees hold hands and are set out to conquer international markets.

Sónia Ferreira, Carmonti’s administrator, was the portrayal of the emotions that had been felt in the meat  company that operates in Montijo. I couldn’t hold my tears, even after the ceremony speech was interrupted. Behind me were six months of hard work in order to rebuild the plant that was destroyed by a fire on August 24, 2013. The heart spoke louder, this Tuesday, during the inauguration of the new company facilities, a company that kept all employees even when going through a delicate situation. In fact, the workers played an essential role in the process of rebuilding the facilities. “They were relentless, just like the firemen”, recalled the administrator.

Tragedy was averted after a joining of efforts – a remarkable example – which allowed to them company to take a breath and aim at a promising future. The future starts now. “We are already expanding the plant. There will be a new industrial complex, which will create 100 new jobs and allow to increase the cold and production capacity of the company”, revealed Sónia Ferreira. Six months ago, Carmonit operated in the 6,000 m2 that were destroyed by flames. Now, with the new industrial complex, the company will operate in a total of 20,000 m2. And the goal is well defined: “With our growth, we intend to enter new international markets, such as the US, Canada, and China, and mostly consolidate our position in Angola”, stated the administrator.

Equipped with high-end technology, the company slaughters 1,300 pigs a day, which translates in more than 500 tonnes of Carmonti products entering the market weekly. Chorizo rings and sticks, morcela, farinheira and a complete range of deli cooked hams stand out among the products made by the company.

A symbol that turns the spotlight on Montijo

During the ceremony, Nuno Conta, the Mayor of Montijo, highlighted that, by opening, the company “symbolises the creation of wealth, which turns the spotlight on Montijo”. Councilmen Francisco Santos, Carlos Jorge Almeida, Ana Baliza, and Pedro Vieira were also there, as well as the (substitute) Chief Firefighter of the Fireman of Montijo, Américo Moreira. A visit to the facilities has also occurred.

Source: Diário da Região

Carmonti Rises from the Ashes

The meat transformation company, Carmonti, based in Montijo, has invested about 20 million Euro to rebuilt the plant that was destroyed by a fire in August of last year.

In less than six months, the company rebuilt the plant, which is already fully operational, and is inaugurating a new industrial complex by the end of the year. “The reconstructed area has about six thousand square metres. With the new complex, the industrial infrastructure will have eight thousand square meters”, revealed Sónia Ferreira, Carmonti’s administrator, to HIPERSUPER. She further added that this expansion will create 100 jobs by the end of 2014. Currently, the plant directly employs about 200 workers.

The plant, which has more than 30 years, is now equipped with “state-of-the-art machinery”. The goal is to “increase production capacity”, enter “new product categories”, and make the business more “competitive”.

New Strategy

The meat transformation company currently distributes fresh meat in bulk and smoked meat to large and traditional stores. When the new complex is ready, Carmonti will launch new products and enter in new categories, specifically the sliced and canned meat.

“In the case of canned meat, we will focus mainly on exporting using the Carmonti brand. We want to start by exporting to international markets and analyse the acceptance. Then, we will naturally begin to work with the national market. For sliced meat, we will do the opposite. We will start with the Portuguese market, specifically with traditional stores such as charcuterie and butcher shops”.

The company based in Montijo exports frozen pork in bulk to almost all European countries and to China. Transformed products are exported to Angola. “We have a long-time partners in Angola and we will be exporting our new canned products to Angola and to the US, which are countries where there are large Portuguese communities. We have also requested an audit so we can begin to export to Brazil and Chile, because Portugal and Chile are strengthening their trade relations.”

Ambitious Goals

Carmonti was born 29 years ago, but the Ferreiras are only managing the company since 2009, when it was bought by a group of 17 partners. “We have been operating in this market since my grandfather’s age, we have always owned companies

in this business area.” When they bought Carmonti, the Ferreiras found a company “with multiple structural and financial problems and rudimentary and obsolete facilities.” So, when the fire happened, in August 2013, the infrastructure was practically new. We invested in new machinery and improved the slaughter area, but the fire destroyed everything.” Despite the incident, the company kept its workers and they volunteered to help with the reconstruction works. In four years (2009 to 2012), Carmonti increased its turnover to 52 million Euro. Last year, the company had made 40 million Euro by August, when the fire destroyed the facility. “When the new industrial complex becomes fully operational, and considering the evolution of the company up to 2013, we expect to make 100 million Euro next year.”

Sónia Ferreira estimates that export, which currently represents about 30% of the turnover, should grow 20% by the end of this year. Carmonti slaughters about six thousand pigs per week, which should increase “significantly” when the new industrial complex is operational. Raw materials are bought from pig farmers from many regions of Portugal, but mostly from the area of Leiria. The future of this company is now in the hands of Sónia Ferreira, 38 years, and her brother José Ferreira, 43 years.

Source: Hipersuper

Carmonti Renews Status

Carmonti was awarded with the SME Excellence 2013 by the IAPMEI (Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation)

This prestigious status, valid for a year, distinguishes small and medium-size enterprises with an excellent economic, financial and managerial performance and keeps competitiveness in a demanding economic environment.

The company based in Montijo employs more than 200 people and trades products that derive from pig meat.

In sectoral terms, industry, with 427 companies (38.8%), and trade, with 278 companies (25.3%) are the activities that are most represented in the group of companies of the SME Excellence 2013, making a 64% of the total of companies awarded.

Source: Hipersuper

Carmonti Received the SME Leader Status Once More

By combining tradition with quality, the company has conquered new customers and increased their share of export to countries like France, Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Carmonti intends to expand its market to Latin America and Asia, so we are attending the 18th edition of SISAB PORTUGAL, which takes place from 29-02 to 03-03. SISAB is considered the biggest business platform of the agri-food and beverage sector in Portugal and takes place in Pavilhão Atlântico. It is a unique fair in Portugal that will be attended by 550 Portuguese producers and more than 1500 importers from 110 countries.

Because change is the driving force of development and the world has changed, Carmonti kept up with these changes with a portfolio of customers that are increasingly demanding. The company has invested more than 16 million Euro in technology, equipment, and facilities up to last year to be able to meet customer and market requirements.

Concerning the industry and the quality of our meat, we can say that the flavour, texture, shape, and quality combined with tradition are some of the words that best describe our products. It is worth to mention that pork is the meat that is used the most in Portuguese gastronomy and that our products have unique features, with their quality being influenced by the quality of the animals (carcasses), feeding, technology and, most of all, weather conditions.