By combining tradition with quality, the company has conquered new customers and increased their share of export to countries like France, Poland, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Carmonti intends to expand its market to Latin America and Asia, so we are attending the 18th edition of SISAB PORTUGAL, which takes place from 29-02 to 03-03. SISAB is considered the biggest business platform of the agri-food and beverage sector in Portugal and takes place in Pavilhão Atlântico. It is a unique fair in Portugal that will be attended by 550 Portuguese producers and more than 1500 importers from 110 countries.

Because change is the driving force of development and the world has changed, Carmonti kept up with these changes with a portfolio of customers that are increasingly demanding. The company has invested more than 16 million Euro in technology, equipment, and facilities up to last year to be able to meet customer and market requirements.

Concerning the industry and the quality of our meat, we can say that the flavour, texture, shape, and quality combined with tradition are some of the words that best describe our products. It is worth to mention that pork is the meat that is used the most in Portuguese gastronomy and that our products have unique features, with their quality being influenced by the quality of the animals (carcasses), feeding, technology and, most of all, weather conditions.